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EUROPE! And lots of it!

You can't even imagine...Especially if you are from Texas, like I am. 8 countries in less than 3 weeks! 5 countries in just one day!!! Just try to imagine it!

This is how I remember it: Its Sunday morning, after an amazing night at a sweet little wine festival just across the Rhine River from my friend Max's town and I had a minor hangover from indulging with Anna in all the festivals had to offer. (Especially the Roséschorle for a whopping 2€). During breakfast, Max says "would you want to go on a little road trip after we take Anna to Cologne tomorrow?"

I'm thinking, I'm from Texas, state is almost as big as your continent. What does road trip in Europe mean?

He pulls up Google maps and shows me a route he was thinking about to hit multiple countries that border Germany and maybe eat our way through the whole day and see some sights. The eating part is why we are such good friends...foodies forever. I couldn't even fathom the day he had planned!

Here's the route. Then see all the fun photos from the day!! It was an absolute blast and something I would have never done without being here to visit Max and specifically him. I'm not sure many of my friends, here in Europe or at home, would have been up for this!

Rushed, I snapped a photo of the screen...

Way cooler that I thought it would be. Its a HUMONGOUS coal mine. I'd never seen anything like it.

Up and over through The Netherlands to go to where Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany meet at one point. You can literally hop between countires.

Cappuccino break sitting in The Netherlands and looking out over Germany.

Stumbled upon this fantastic castle in The Netherlands. Yes, it has a freakin' mote! Just YES!

Then to Belgium in the rain for a Waffle!

Luxembourg City. Beautiful. Charming. I will be back here ASAP!

Then popped into FRANCE! Just over the border and close to the spot where France, Luxembourg, and Germany meet. (but the actual point is in the River nearby...)

And the best part.....getting a baguette from a machine for 1EURO!!!!!!

I know this isn't the best way to truly experience a place and its culture, but that wasn't what its about on this trip. I'm spending time with my friends, getting away from the stresses of home while experiencing a few once in a lifetime things that they have planned for me.

Having friends in many different countries has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I should have started a blog when I was 15 when caught my travel bug going on holiday with another exchange student friend to Egypt after meeting her and her family in Prague. These pages would be filled with exotic places and so much fun. Luckily, I've got lots of amazing trips ahead of me. And more to tell about THIS one I'm still on! Headed to Munich and the UK next! Lookout for an upcoming post about my new love for SWITZERLAND!

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