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SV Neon Moon- 4th of July Weekend

This past weekend, I got to go on a short trip on my ol' daddios sailing vessel, Neon Moon! We set sail from Waterford Harbor in Kemah, Texas. toward Galveston. By car, it's only about a 45 minute sail boat...much longer. But thats part of the experience! Going through the Houston Ship Channel can be rather nerve racking. I mean...imagine feeling like the fly next to an elephant. Thats what its like being on a 38 foot sail boat next to 400 foot shipping vessels.

Short Girl Problems...

Going under the I45 Causeway.

We HAD to cool off at the Moody Gardens Lazy River after a long day of sailing. [before & after]

Pelican Island Bridge...You have to radio ahead so they know to open it for you.

Nonetheless, we made it to the Moody Gardens Marina where there were ALL kinds of 4th of July weekend festivities! I got to see one of the BEST fireworks shows ever....especially since it was happening just off the back of our boat. (Find me on Snapchat for these spur of the moment awesomeness that I encounter: WyerdDrifter)

I feel so lucky that I got to completely check out over the weekend and not have a care in the world to Celebrate what others have done so I have the ability to do that. (And get to {try to} play with Dolphins on our way back. See the @WyerdDrifter.est89 in Insta!)

The only thing I was wishing for: not running out of adult beverages on the second day and that the Gulf of Mexico water around Galveston wasn't so...well...icky.

Have a Safe and Fantastic 4th of July, friends!!

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