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Traveling Friendly

Life. Is. Crazy.

It never goes as you imagined.

You end up in places with people you never imagined.


Through all the stuff, good or bad, it can be pretty alright.


Growing up, my parents hosted MANY exchange students: 3 Germans, 2 Norwegians, a Brazilian, an Italian, an Austrian, and a Dane. These do not include the honorary exchange students that didn't actually live with us, but spent all their time at my house: 2 Vietnamese, 2 Germans, 2 Finnish, 1 Dutch, 2 Slovakians, a Spaniard, and 1 Czech.

How these poor kids got stuck in my hometown of Grapeland, Texas, with only about 1000 people, has always baffled me, but they did.

These were my friends, many of whom became family and have been there through the most important times of my life. Each one that got stuck in Grapeland, I got more and more ancy. My eyes were opened to this awesome world at a young age. I fell in love with learning as much as possible about them and their homes.

At 16 I got to travel with Eva, from Czech Republic, and her family to see things most people from my hometown will probably never get to see. It was huge for this small town girl to get to experience things like the Pyramids of Giza, and the magnificient city of Prague all in one trip.


All of that brings us here. Wyerd Drifter. Something I've been talking about for years on all my other trips. I feel lucky to have had a local to visit on my most favorite trips I've taken. I am making a point in the next few years to go visit my old exchange student friends! As well as all the other friends I've met from all over the world in the more recent years. I hope to have the local's perspective, as well as some other fun stories from some planned sailing adventures on the beautiful Neon Moon.

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